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CyberProps is the world’s first completely free social recognition blog designed so friends can easily give props to one another. Submit props to anybody or anything you think is propsworthy.

CyberProps is a Platform for Giving Recognition

Through our patented Proptimization System, your CyberProps article will be featured on our site and the first page of Google. In order to spread positive vibes, we’ll supercharge your props with the Official CyberProps SEO Team. Our mission is to spread a culture of selfless recognition.

Give props to your coworker, favorite cute sticker shop, or recognize your favorite stone crab delivery company. There has been a props shortage in 2020, and CyberProps is here to help.

You can give props to anyone or anything you feel deserves to be recognized. CyberProps is the one social media blog where actions definitely speak louder than words. Let the good vibes flow.

Coming Soon in 2023: Blockchain Recognition & CyberProps Slack App

We’re launching a Web 3.0 version of CyberProps call where we’ll  NFTBump. Behind the scenes, CyberProps is taking social recognition a step further by immortalizing your Props on the Blockchians. On this project, NFTBump will be the first project to leverage the Propchain Recognition Technology. Subscribe if you’d like to stay in the loop!

The CyberProps app is being reworked & relaunched in 2023 in the form of a Slack app.  Whether you want to give props to your favorite astronaut for helping us reach new heights or the best one hitters for something similar. Recognizing well-deserved achievements, big and small, is what CyberProps is all about.

It feels damn good to be recognized, and it feels even better to give props to someone who deserves it.

Give Recognition

When asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied “Give recognition.” (Psychometrics, A Study of Employee Engagement in the Canadian Workplace 2010)

Respect, Respect.

CyberProps represents a new generation of people committed to giving props to all things big and small.

Give it a try… it feels good AF.

Submit Your Recognition

CyberProps citizens from around the globe submit props articles to our blog. It is our way of spreading the CyberProps message beyond the confines of the CyberProps social community. These articles have evolved into a cornerstone of our mission to spread respect in the form of recognition. You can submit your own props articles to [email protected].