Yesterday, a mind-blowing discovery was made about the existence of liquid water on Mars. This means that not only is there strong evidence that life existed on Mars in the past, but in the present day as well. There could be alien life within our own solar system, just one door over, and we are going to get to see humans check it out for ourselves within 20 years (early 2030’s)! But yet, as huge of a discovery as it was, most of us just discussed it with out coworkers for a few minutes, retweeted an article about it, and then went on with our day. Why? Because as much as we like to claim “the world is working against us,” life is always giving us plenty of amazing findings everyday, whether as small as discovering that you now like the taste of coffee, or as big as finding out there is water on Mars.

Today’s props go out to remarkable discoveries.

I am going to tell you about an extremely happy accidental discovery, a discovery that spanned across all of human existence, and one that helped me cope with the meaning of life.

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