Those Who Have Come and Gone

Isn’t it crazy to know that the people we are currently spending most of our days with can just disappear from our lives in a flash. These people could move, get in an argument with us, could even pass away. I know I’ve experienced all of these situations time and time again. But with this blog, I’m not trying to write about the sadness of loosing a friend, I want to give those people that have come and gone, props for making such a positive impact on my life.


What CyberProps Means to Me

With the official launch of CyberProps tomorrow, November 8th, the CyberProps team has written what our app means to each of us and how we hope it changes the world. Enjoy and please download and start spreading props with your friends!

CyberProps represents a shift in paradigms, a different way to look at the world. Social media is not going anywhere, and people are only going to be picking up there phones more and more. With accepting this social media culture and the gravitation of our generation and the ones following towards it, CyberProps was born, not to fight the state of social media, but to make it more meaningful. What I love about CyberProps is it begs interaction with people, places, and things. It’s not just sitting and reading about top ten reasons for this and that and having a feed full of click bait. It’s not cluttered with “selfies” or “like my picture for a shout”. It’s not a list of 2,400 friends that you barely know. But I am not here to say what CyberProps is not; I am here to proclaim what CyberProps is. CyberProps is social media app that really focus on the word social. I love that you have to interact with your friends or, followers, or as I like to call it humans, for a person to truly enjoy the app. CyberProps does not have “users”, we have Citizens, who are engaged in the culture of the app. I truly love the feeling of opening up the app; it gives a different feel than any other app. But what I love most of all about CyberProps is the interactions between citizens that will lead to the citizens learning more each other and truly becoming more social. So props to CyberProps, an app like no other, and if your reading this that means its live on the app store so go download!

-Kakpindi Jamiru, COO


To Our Leaders, Our Visionaries

Today I want to take the time and give props to a leader, our in my case my fearless leaders, Brian and KJ. A leader is defined as a person(s) who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. In my situations the two individuals I consider as my leaders fit that definition spot on and then some.

Growing up, I have always been surrounded by great leaders. I have had the privilege to know countless professional athletes, employees of Senators, and other highly respected individuals. But no one has impressed me more than the two individuals I give props to today. So, Brian and KJ, I give props to you two. I give props to you for turning a dream into a reality, for turning an idea into a corporation in ten short months, and in doing so leading a team of numerous personalities into a fluid, smooth running corporation.


The Stroke of a Pen

Famous athletes have to sign hundreds of thousands of autographs during their career. Easily a thousand footballs, jerseys, and pictures of themselves every single year. You would think that for all these charity events, auctions and fans, it has to get tiring signing your John Hancock over and over again. I know I would hate being interrupted at dinner, constantly badgered for my photo or have someone emailing me continuously asking me for donations.


The Frog Kissers

After a recent brutal and devastating breakup, a very good friend of mine gave me an incredible piece of wisdom. As I stand on the sidewalk emotionally distraught and broken down, she says to me “Sometimes we have to kiss a few frogs before we find our prince”. I bitterly told her, I don’t want to kiss anyone anymore. And in that moment I didn’t want to hear that there’s the possibility that my lips will be chapped, and my heart may be broken again. But looking back on that day she was right. I have kissed many frogs in my day, while I’m still not looking forward to kissing another I know that I probably will.


Challenges Begets Change

When I used to think about growing up, all I thought about was how I could do whatever I wanted all the time. I wouldn’t have to listen to dumb parents tell me I can’t ride the hover round in Wal-Mart. I wouldn’t have to ask them to drive the car. I wouldn’t have to ask them to do anything. Well, now I ask them how to do my taxes and why can’t I just put dishwasher soap in the washer instead of detergent. You know, the hard questions.