The Internet’s Best Kept Secret

Is there any worse punishment than your 8:30 am train commute to work? No, seriously, is there? I’ve read Dante over and over again, and I still consider Judas a lucky man. At least the ninth layer had central air. Like that last stupid freshman smashing his holier-than-thou attitude through the last call crowd at Kilroys, I sit smashed between two people sweating so much they look like they just came from the splash zone at Sea World. I am two stops into my Monday ride, and all I ask for is a quiet journey to help dim my hangover from the night before (brunch/endless mimosas lasts till 10:45pm, right?).

Sign Acrobats

In life, there are a variety of changes in many ways. Our streets can be bathed in the whitest of snow or blurry with waves of heat. Conversely in our own lives, one moment you be seen walking down the well-lit golden path to success, and in the blink of an eye, disappear down a dark corridor with an outlet known only to those who dare to wander down the path less-traveled.

The Corleones of Movie Rentals

There are some part-time jobs that stick with you forever. No doubt, I will never forget the time I spent working at Family Video during college. If you aren’t familiar with Family Video, it is largest chain of privately-held video rental stores spread primarily throughout the Midwest. “Committed to being your first choice in entertainment.” And I had the privilege of working at two different locations during my college years.