Wanna Feel New? Quetico Canoe!

This past July I had the privilege of taking a 10 day canoe trip in some of the most pristine wilderness on our continent, Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. Can you imagine being able to simply dip your water bottle in the lake when you were thirsty? It was a humbling remembrance of what modern industry and society has destroyed in the majority of lakes and rivers. Oh sweet boundary waters, so pure and revitalizing! And let me tell ya, there’s something about paddling ~65 miles with a group of strangers and portaging with an 80 pound canoe on your shoulders through the rugged Quetico terrain that really changes you.

The Blood Moon 2014

I woke up early this morning to witness a celestial wonder: a lunar eclipse. But not just any lunar eclipse, a full 1. And not just any full lunar eclipse, but a red 1. AND not just any red full lunar eclipse, but 1 that’s part of a tetrad – an uncommon series of 4 lunar eclipses that occur over a 2-year period. AND (last 1 I swear) not only was it a red full lunar eclipse included in a tetrad, but it also participated in a scarcely seen event called a selenelion- the opportunity to view a blood moon and sunrise simultaneously.