Big Sur

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Yet, I’m not sure any “beholder” can accurately describe the beauty I witnessed in Big Sur. I’ve played this write-up of Big Sur out in my head over and over again, and as I watched the lunar eclipse from the beach in arguably the most…

Language Is All We Have

It’s my senior year of college: a time of stress, anxiety, and quarter-life crises. Or at least that’s what’s supposed to happen. Personally I feel quite at ease not knowing what will happen come May 14th. When I tell people I’m studying language in school, I get a lot of confusion or even negativity. “What are you gonna do with that? Be a Spanish teacher?”

There Are No Strangers in this World, Just Friends Who Haven’t Met

Ireland’s history is recent, colorful, and tragic in so many ways. They’re fighting for their freedom, they’re fighting to become a viable, profitable country, and they’re fighting to remain relevant. To give you a little perspective, Ireland is approximately the size of the state of Indiana and is home to about 7 million people, 3 million of which reside in Dublin alone. But for a small country, they’re fighters, they’re humble and they’re happy, happy people (maybe it’s all the Guinness).

Wanna Feel New? Quetico Canoe!

This past July I had the privilege of taking a 10 day canoe trip in some of the most pristine wilderness on our continent, Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. Can you imagine being able to simply dip your water bottle in the lake when you were thirsty? It was a humbling remembrance of what modern industry and society has destroyed in the majority of lakes and rivers. Oh sweet boundary waters, so pure and revitalizing! And let me tell ya, there’s something about paddling ~65 miles with a group of strangers and portaging with an 80 pound canoe on your shoulders through the rugged Quetico terrain that really changes you.

Minimalism: To Live Simply & Meaningfully

Props to minimalism: I fell in love with the minimalism when I was in school studying to be a designer. Now I live in a 400 square foot apartment in Korea. In design, I love things that maintain simplicity in their geometry, shape, material, and color. Things seem truer and purer this way. The challenge, the real sticky wicket of designing something to look like this, is that every detail becomes glaringly important to an item’s function. Everything on that product or thing has to have meaning. What good is a product that doesn’t do its job—even if it does look cool?