Tips for Traveling the World on a Budget

Italy, Spain, Morocco, Ireland, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland… the list of the places I’ve seen goes on and on. I want to give props to traveling, specifically, traveling in your 20’s. People have given several different props to picking up and moving to a new place on a whim; my passion, my joy comes from something similar, but it’s picking up and traveling to those unknown places and experiencing a new city, a new culture, and making new memories.

Doctors Without Borders

This is a simple and direct props to Médecins Sans Frontières, or as we know it in America and Canada, Doctors without Borders. I started writing this post giving props to all the doctors and nurses that are helping Sierra Leone and the boarding countries with the worst ebola outbreak in history. The post was going to be filled with information about how dangerous and contagious Ebola as a virus and the amount of risk theses doctors are taking to by working in the epicenter of an unprecedented outbreak.

Why I Decided to Move to Atlanta

Props: Trailblazin’, Relocation, Adventure & Budweiser This blog post isn’t for the faint of heart, so if you’ve ever found yourself humming along to a John Mayer song or holding hands with your girlfriend in public – please return to Pinterest.  A few days ago, my colleague and further-developed adult than myself Calvin Sullivan wrote…

Moving 2,068 Miles From Home

Props: Uncertainty, Spontaneity, and California Burritos. There comes a time in every college student’s four year binge (longer for graduate students…or victory lappers) where he emerges from his blackout, figuratively and literally, and he realizes that college doesn’t last forever. For a lot of college students, this epiphany occurs around 4:00 AM after having defied science by…