The Texas Rattlesnake: Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you want to be dropped on that stack of dimes you call a neck, gimme a Hell Yeah!!!

Everybody has that one hero growing up, whether it is a musician, a footballer, an actor, a character in a cartoon, a superhero or whoever. We all have brilliant childhood memories of these figures that once they spring to mind in the present day – you are immediately taken back to those ‘good ole days’.

On the Outside Looking In

Growing up in Indy, we were conditioned by our surroundings to stay close with the groups we grew up with. We still call each other the North Central kids, the Carmel kids, the Cathedral kids. Rarely did anyone go outside of their comfort zone, because there was no reason to… you had multiple middle schools feeding into a high school, and a whole new array of people to get to know. As one who has been able to break the mold, it’s time I gave props to my new patna dem.

“Because Freedom.”

Last weekend I was at Indiana University’s homecoming. I was intoxicated, because freedom. My friends and I were leaving the apartment before heading out to the bars when we ran into one of the neighbors having a cigarette by himself. “How’s your freedom tonight sir?,” I asked him. “Uh.. my freedom?,” he responded. “Everything secure tonight?” I went on to say, by now at everyone’s annoyance.

Henry Molaison: The Man with No Past

The brain…the brain is the most intriguing organ in the human body. This magnificent organ is responsible for the most complex operations that help to make us “human” or “alive.” So with that being said, I would like to give a very overdue props to Henry Molaison. Henry was born on February 26, 1926 and died on December 2nd, 2008. Now you will not read about Henry in famous magazines or hear talk show hosts speak of him, but we are all forever in his debt. The very reason that made him famous within the science community is also the very same reason that destroyed his life.

5 Instagram Accounts That’ll Blow Your Mind… Daily

With the average person spending 6-8 hours a day on their cell phone, there is no denying the fact that Social Media has the power to bring a sense of empowerment, or a sense of anxiety, depending on how you view the world. While many people follow accounts simply because the person is famous or attractive, I like to have my Social Media cater to my overall development as a human. I have chosen 5 Instagram accounts that truly inspire me in one way or another. What’s your top 5?

Fantasy Football

The roar of the arena gets into your spirit and you’re forced to join in with a Neanderthal-like shout. You react to the sound of two helmets crashing with the clenching of your teeth and disposition on your face. You just witnessed a man dehumanize another man, and you do not feel in the slightest bit empathetic. What the hell is wrong with you?! Absolutely nothing. You’re a barbarian, and you enjoy nothing more than watching gladiators spar until the clock reaches 00:00.

Randy Moss: The Freak

November 26, 1998 was the day that my love for sports was flipped upside down. I was in the fourth grade and just started playing tackle football. I began showing interest in watching Professional Football. I was at my Uncle’s house to celebrate the annual holiday of giving thanks (props) when we settled in to watch the Dallas Cowboys host the Minnesota Vikings. One minute into the game Randall Cunningham chucked the pigskin deep down the field and a purple flash ran under it and trotted into the end zone. At the end of the first quarter, I experienced déjà vu as once again Cunningham hurled the ball deep to the lanky receiver wearing the number 84 for another fifty-yard touchdown. Finally, as the third quarter was winding down, that same receiver caught a screen pass at midfield and literally ran past every member of the Cowboys defense for a fifty-six yard score.